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Composition contest

The List of winners publish of The 2016 5th China - ASEAN Music Week Song - Writing contest(piano compositions)

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 The 2016 5th China - ASEAN Music Week Song - Writing contest(piano compositions) has ended on 21th April in the Guangxi Arts College.87 entries have been received from all kinds of high school of music and art of domestic and oversea as America、Malaysia、Singapore、Indonesia、Vietnam.With review committee of experts of objective and fair attitude scoring anonymously,they were selected 19 award-winning solo piano compositions.The following results were included in the thesis.

The first prize

《Fall in the sea of Orion》

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Tongfen Zhang

Two second prizes

《Good rain season》

Sichuan Conservatory of Music

Wu Fan

《The trip of the water》

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Jifang Wu


Six third prizes

 《Cloud Chart》


Yiguo Li

《The wind of Yao》

Guangxi Arts College

Xichang Huang

《Clouds of Anonymity》

Central Conservatory of Music

Yao Yuan

《Meishan Impression》

Chinese Conservatory of Music

Li Kai


Guangxi Arts College

He He

《North and South Tune》

Central Conservatory of Music

Wenjing Gao



Ten Consolation prizes


Guangxi Arts College


《Black and White Game》

Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Anran Jiang

《Poetic and Expressive》


Zhiwei Huang

《Three parts of folk songs》

Wuhan Conservatory of Music

Shiqi Tian


Shanghai Conservatory of Music

Wenqing Liu

《Remembering Shinozaki



Kangyi Zhang

《The more songs to rasie》

Central Conservatory of Music

Haimeng Guo

《Si Yan》

Nanjing Normal University

Xiaoyue Liang

《Apricot blossom prelude and fugue》

Guangxi Arts College

Fengda Tan

《Pole-railing YeelNieeb》

Guangxi Normal College

Haoyang Wei

        The above lists of award winners will publish for five days in the website of the 2016 5th China - ASEAN Music Week .If you have problems,please contact the office of the 2016 5th China - ASEAN Music Week in time.The phone number:0771---5338370.The composition of the three prize and above will exhibit in the concert hall of Guangxi Arts College at 3 p.m. On 8th June.Then we will also make the awards ceremony for the solo piano competition.Meanwhile,welcome all the contestants take part in the series of activities of the China - ASEAN Week Music.The organizing committee will provide the bonus and certificates,and we will provide the accommodations of three days for grade prize winner.Please handle the travelling expenses of back and forth.

Chairman of the judges:Xiaogang Ye

Jury members:Weijie Gao  Danbu Chen  Deqing Wen  Renping Qian  Juncheng Zhong

                                 The organizing committee

                                       21th April , 2016

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