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Composition contest

2017 6th China - ASEAN Music Week Composition Competition Rules

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The First: General principles

The Composition Competition Rules of China - ASEAN music week music week aims to discover and train young talent, promote and promote the creation of Chinese music, and further strengthen the international music and cultural exchanges.

2017 6th China - ASEAN Music Week composing contest, relying on the geographical advantages of Nanning Guangxi, with the annual China ASEAN Expo and the International Folk Song Festival as an opportunity, with the help of Guangxi and ASEAN inter trade as the foundation, strengthen cultural exchanges between the countries in the world. The national music week, exploratory, academic as the main goal, to establish and strengthen the domestic and foreign music art colleges, music group exchanges between the national music materials and modern music creation techniques and the concept of combining the inheritance of traditional music all outstanding, dedicated to the publicity and promotion of national outstanding young musicians and music, and establish a solid The maritime Silk Road of the art of music.


The Second: Organization Committee Members

Director: Deng Jun, Junli Zheng.

Deputy director: Xuan Si, Huanchun Zhao, Peixin Li, Yingxin Chen, Junping Wei, Daohui Hou, Chunling Wei.

Secretary General: Cai Yang.

Executive Secretary: Juncheng Zhong.

Deputy Secretary General: Xiaoning Wang, Zhixiong Li, Zhao Ke, Kunpeng Chen, Junhui Lv, Yihao Hou.


The Third: Judge Committee Members

President: Xiaogang Ye

Member: 5 or 7 (the list is not publicly available)


The Fourth: Repertoires Requirements

1, the current composition competition for piano solo works, when the work is not more than 8 minutes.

2, each participant submitted 2 works, works for the 2014 (inclusive) after the creation, has won the provincial and ministerial level or above works can not compete.

3, the work must be original, do not accept the adaptation works.

4, to submit the electronic version of the PDF score of the work, in addition to the name of the name of the work, the author's name and personal information may not appear in the music.

5, has the sense of the times and the national style, diversity, artistry and technical style of the audible.

6, to encourage the works to highlight the characteristics of China - ASEAN music culture, the use of Chinese folk songs and folk songs of ASEAN countries for the creation of the material.


The Fifth: Registration Conditions and Ways

1, the contestants nationality and age are not limited.

2, the individual registration and institutions, music groups to sign up can be.

3, submit the application form.

4, the entry form of entries in the introduction, the author must be sure to fill in the clear.

5, the participant's identity card or passport of the electronic version of the scan of 1 copies.

6, the current game to take electronic mail registration.

7, the participants will be all the electronic version of the information sent to the activities of the e-mail.

8, the information sent to the activities of the electronic mail period: February 25, 2017 to 20th March 2017.


Contact: Liu teacher

Telephone: 0771-5338370

Address: School of music, Guangxi Arts Institute, Nanning, Guangxi 7, China

China - ASEAN music week Office


The Sixth: Prizes and Bonuses (RMB)

First prize: 1 prize 10000 yuan

Two awards: 5000 prize 2 yuan

Three awards: 2000 prize 5 yuan

Excellence Award: 10 winners

The jury will issue a certificate of award to the winners.

Note: 1, the awards places can be adjusted by the judges or vacant.

2, these awards are pre-tax prize.


The Seventh: 2017 6th China - ASEAN Music Week will be held in this competition winning entries concert.


The Eighth: Other

1, the award entries are provided for the award of the concert performances. Participating, winning, outstanding works of the publication, performance and related matters, by the Organizing Committee and the composer in accordance with the copyright law to be signed by the relevant agreement.

2, the participants submitted entries to the sixth 2017 China - ASEAN music week of the organizing committee, which means that the participants agreed to accept and accept all the rules of this Charter.

3, the articles of association are in Chinese and English in two versions, the Chinese version is the final legal basis of the text.

4, the final explanation right of this constitution belongs to the organizers.


The Organizing Committee of China ASEAN music week

December 1st , 2016   

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