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Composition contest

2017 6th China - ASEAN Music Week & Contemporary Music Review competition

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In order to promote the development of contemporary Chinese music reviews, 2017 6th China - ASEAN music week will continue to work together with the "people's music" jointly organized by contemporary music critics contest.The jury director of this competition is Yandi Yang.


The first :Submission Requirements

1, The article is divided into two categories, the first category is the composer works and published since 1979, new works exhibition Chinese ASEAN music week 2012-2016 years of the creation and performance of music and music trend and phenomenon, as the comment objects (simple work analysis, not in competition within the scope of the second category is). Review of the theory of music works published since 2000 for comments on the object (ed. class, material class, translation class wasn't in the game included).

2, Must use the Chinese written book reviews in 3000 words or less, other comments in less than 5000 words.

3,The completion of the independent and has not been published in the official publication.

4, Two articles per person.

5, The author's age, nationality is not limited.

6, The deadline submission in April 15, 2017 24. Please send the manuscript to the electronic version of the mailbox personal name and other personal information do not appear on the manuscript, attached document provides personal profile, E-mail address and telephone number.

7, The new works Chinese ASEAN exhibition play music week in China ASEAN music week website (URL: Download score and sound.

Those who do not meet the above requirements are not eligible.


The second: Review process and rules

1, The review will be divided into three stages. The first stage is from the judges selected in line with the basic conditions of the article; second stage review by judges in April 30, 2017 selected six articles, and in 8th May, 2017 in China ASEAN music week website (URL: publicity; the third phase will be held 27th May 27, 2017 to 29th during the day, by the jury specify a concert music week exhibition play, six review candidates for commentary writing, followed by a jury, two, third-prize. And held a comment on Music Awards .

2, If the judges and contributors for the full review of kinship, the judges shall be avoided.


The third: Reward Method

The competition first prize (1), two prize (2), third-prize (3) respectively. The bonus 6000 yuan prize, two prize 3000 yuan, 2000 yuan more than third-prize, the awards are pre tax bonus. A number of outstanding awards.If you win the one or two prize of music, the 《People's music》will publish it. Winners are "The 6th Chinese ASEAN Music Week - Contemporary Music Review competition" awards. In addition, the organizing committee will also give package winners this week all music activities.

Welcome to contribute!


Guangxi Arts Institute China - ASEAN Music Week Organizing

 People's musiceditorial department

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