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Make perfection more perfect could let things be excellence

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Make perfection more perfect could let things be excellence

-- Professor Hu xiao and his team, who come from Sichuan Conservatory Of Music visited GXAU to prepare for the 7th China-ASEAN Music Festival.


On September 14, 2017.Prof.Zhong,the artistic director of China-ASEAN Music Festival have warmly welcome the composers who come from Sichuan Conservatory of Music .They meet in the office of the China-ASEAN Music Festival.

This time, Professor Hu xiao and three teachers:Zhang Zhiliang, Han Yanmin and Li Kun are coming for preparing for the performance of the 7th China-ASEAN Music Festival in 2018.

For the concert "Electronic Music and National Chamber Music " could runs smoothly,  the composers of Sichuan Conservatory of Music come to GXAU by themselves to visit the concert hall ,and shows us their plans for fully displaying music effect.

In this conversation, the two sides of the composers talk about that in the artistic creation of music and composing technology development, music as music development platform how to better play its role and value of questions has carried on the depth of the discussion.

Later, as the host, our professors:Zhong Juncheng, lv Junhui,Mo Junsheng,Hua wei and Dai wei ,took them to our Music hall to take a field view.

In order to present the diversity of music, the composers of two university have come to discuss many details together and never feel tired .The spirit of them made a positive warm-up for the 7th China-ASEAN Music Festival.

【PICTURE】Composers are discusing bout the concert in 2018

Potographer:Liu Rui

Editor:Wendy Luo

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